CD Release Wrap-Up!

Well, it’s been a couple of months since the CD release shows wrapped. I got busy getting back to regular life as a civilian and frankly was ready for a little break from all of the activity! But it was an awesome few months and the whole run of shows frankly far exceeded my expectations.
We played six gigs in three states, and I was proud to share stages with of course my core guys Mike and Dave but also our musical brothers and sisters Nicole Campbell, Al Toribio, Mike Walker, John Shipe, Allen Bush, Sean Flannery, and my old high school band buddies together for the first time since 1986 Kevin Brown, Tom Gutierrez, Eric Johnson and Tom Luce.
I did a good amount of promo too, appearing on radio shows on KMUZ, NWCZ, KRVM, KOOL, KZEL, and was featured on the local music spotlight on Portland’s KINK Radio (twice!).
Most importantly, the music has been received very well, validating what I suspected, which was that the CD turned out right. The recorded songs are really resonating with people, and that of course is the most satisfying out of all of this. The live versions smoked and by that last gig in the Bay Area, the band was wicked tight.
I’m recharging the batteries right now but the next gig is in October and I hope to have some new songs to debut! Onward!

Paul, with Dave and Mike

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