Excited for new Floyd!

My Floydian Slips colleague Asher Fulero posted on Facebook that he was excited to do something that he never thought would happen again, which was to listen for the very first time to a new Pink Floyd album. I have to say, I am equally excited. I know it's all instrumental, with only one tune with lyrics. I know it's based on jams that happened during the writing of The Division Bell. Luckily I love the playing on The Division Bell.

Regardless, the last 'new' (to me) Floyd album I listened to was 'More,' a soundtrack the Floyd contributed to in 1969. It was like when I listened to Rush 'Hemispheres' in high school after going through the rest of the band's back catalogue, and there was no more 'old' Rush for me to discover. I was truly bummed! The good news was, Rush is still putting out great music at a regular clip. But not Floyd.

For The Endless River, I am holding out until I make it to the music store to get the physical CD. It will certainly be a fun experience, and is getting me even more fired up for the Slips shows on New Years and in January in Portland. Onward!

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