New Show Announced - Bay Area on April 18

We blew it out in Portland, Seattle and Eugene. Now, I am really excited to announce this final CD release show in the Bay Area for a couple of reasons. First, I get to share the bill with my friend Tom Luce. Tom and I were in one of my very first bands, and certainly one of the best, way back in high school. The band was called Osiris and we rocked. Yeah we were teenagers and therefore unpolished and our musical skills were, how we say, emerging...

But that was a lot of the magic and beauty of it. Our love of heavy rock and prog led to some epic jams and even a tape of original material. I always wished we could have pushed on past high school but you know how it goes. I and the other guys in the band have stayed close but have not played all together since 1986. Yeah you read that right. Tom has gone on to have an amazing and admirable musical career that unfolds to this day. Go to for the whole story. So I am honored and totally stoked to be sharing the stage with him.

And of course, I have a long history with the Bay Area, having grown up in Cupertino and attended high school and college there, plus the many work friends and colleagues I have to this day. I am so pumped to come back home and do some damage!

We'll play an hour, Tom will play an hour and change, and then maybe, just maybe, Osiris will rise from the dead for the first time since 1986. Gotta be there to know for sure...


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