1. Reaction

From the recording What You Hold Near


Machines all around me/The crush of technology
Life to the prophecy/Promising to set you free
Knowing what you really want/All the shit you almost got
Like a chain reaction/And there’s no relaxing

White noise complacency/Telling you to wait and see
Quiet as a dead dog/Vapid as a blue fog
Hypervating ecstasy/Coming down for you and me
Like a chain reaction/From a vocal fraction

Christians at the stadium/Bullpen and palladium
Drowning out the white noise/Choosing when there’s no choice
Driving like a freight train/Headlong into hurricane
Like a chain reaction/A reappeared redaction

Firing up a new feud/Working on his attitude
Being what you want to be/Seeing what you want to se
Supersize construction/Super fly seduction
Like a chain reaction/Against a mass inaction

Thinking what you won’t say/Dying to live another day
Selling off your innocence/Wining with a strong defense
Trouble with an upper case/Facing what you gotta face
Like a chain reaction/It’s all a chain reaction