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  1. Rescue


Light shatters on the choice you made
And you’re in darkness again
How many times will you walk this path
I have to ask you my friend
Can’t reach you, can’t teach you
But through the glaze of a thousand days I need you

Does it give you sanctuary
Does it bring you peace
Does it give you a place to rest your bones
Five and one day and then you get some sleep
But in the meantime, please can you rescue me

Always been behind the lines
You’ve always taken the lead
Yeah but now the roles reverse
And you won’t listen to me
I change the medium to break the tedium
But when you slave to what you crave you feed them

So give me sanctuary
Give me peace
Can you give me a place to rest my bones
Five and one day, and then I get some sleep
But in the meantime please someone
Rescue me