From the recording What You Hold Near


There’s a fine line between what you let ride
And what you hold near

Stacked up to the ceiling of my mind
You’ll never understand unless you climb
It’s strange to see the difference you invent
Between what I said and what I meant
And what you hold near

You think you know the answer but you don’t
You think you’re gonna fix it but you won’t
The answer to the question never asked
Is right in front of each of us at last
And what you hold near

Those of them that matter wouldn’t mind
And those of them that mind, they don’t matter
When we stop making a weapon of our pride
We’ll turn to see the boundaries just shatter
And what you hold near

What you need, what you want
What you find, what you get
(Falling, calling,

Satellite hangs silently in space
Listening for life but there’s no trace
Lights are out it’s all a silent roll
Dawn to dark, a rock without its soul
And what you hold near