It’s OK to turn the electric guitars up, and Lesinski does just that on a number of tracks on his new disc.” - The Oregonian
[Paul’s latest album] is ​​a well-rounded, eclectic yet very focused effort. Lesinski proves that there are bands and artists right outside your door locally that you have yet to discover. Do yourself a favor and pick up the album or better yet make it out to show your support and buy the album at the venue.” - Oregon Music News

Short and Sweet...

Paul Lesinski is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist hailing from the vibrant music city of Portland, Oregon. With a career spanning almost four decades - through his original music and fronting the Pink Floyd tribute he co-founded, called Floydian Slips - Paul has established himself as a mainstay of the Pacific Northwest music scene.

Accompanied by the powerhouse musicians of the Paul Lesinski Band, a dynamic three-piece power trio, Paul has released three full albums and an EP of original music and has brought his high-octane live show up and down the west coast. His fourth album, called Across the Light, is set for release in early 2024.

Paul’s music is a fusion of genres, blending the raw power of roots and classic rock with hints of progressive rock, and a liberal use of synthesizers, sequencers, extended jams and funky grooves. It's a primal soup of sound that captivates listeners and takes them on a sonic journey. 

Lyrically, Paul reflects the era and concerns of his audience, whether reveling in the opportunity to be the best version of yourself, to lamenting the fractured state of political and social connection driven by social media silos, Paul’s lyrics resonate deeply with his audience.

Above all, Paul’s electric guitar approach sets him apart, ranging from soaring ethereal leads (a la David Gilmour) tasty clean blues-based riffage, to sonic dissonance (a la Neil Young and Crazy Horse). Drummer David Kendall and bassist Mike Budd backdraft across Paul’s musical journey in live jams, but are equally capable of providing a palette upon which Paul can sonically paint.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Paul is the co-founder and frontman of the Northwest's premier Pink Floyd tribute band, Floydian Slips. Since its inception in 1997, Floydian Slips has consistently sold out venues in the Pacific Northwest, paying homage to the iconic band's timeless music.

With three full band albums and one EP under his belt, including "A Fear of Flashing Light" (2010), "Hearts and Reason" (2015), the EP "Old Becomes New" (2019), and "What You Hold Near" (2020), Paul's music is available at iTunesSpotify, and Bandcamp and from www.paullesinski.comFind Paul on social media at Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Early in his career, Paul embarked on extensive tours with his band, The Strangers, playing over 900 shows in five years across 17 states in the West Coast, Rockies, Midwest, and Canada. This relentless dedication to his craft and passionate pursuit of sharing his music with audiences has shaped him into the accomplished artist he is today.

Sharing stages with esteemed artists such as Big Head Todd and the Monsters, David Lindley, Train founder Rob Hotchkiss, The Motels, Luce, The Gin Blossoms, Storm Large and The Balls, Jimmy Cliff, Berlin, Dread Zeppelin, and Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Paul Lesinski has left an indelible mark on the live music scene.

Paul's contributions to the music world extend beyond his own discography. He has lent his talents to numerous collaborations and appeared on more than 20 CD albums, showcasing his skills both as a solo artist and as a member of bands like The Strangers, Isor Wallobee, and colorfield. His work has also been featured on the Deep Roots compilations (6 and 9) and the St. John's Poetry Sessions Volume 4.

Paul Lesinski's music is a testament to his unwavering passion, remarkable talent, and profound connection with his audience. Whether he's unleashing sonic power with his band or delivering intimate solo performances, his music continues to resonate and captivate music enthusiasts.