1. Walkin


I’m looking through a 1,000 years, I’m looking through a mirror
I’m searching for some truth and light, you’re using all my fear
Were you hardened by the elements, misshapen by the times
Used to be so innocent, naïve of all your crimes

I have known you all my life
Walk the dusty road in line
I have known you all my life
Far beneath the moonlit shine

People long to see you in that old familiar way
They don’t know that rail you road slipped to yesterday
Some would say it’s brutal and others say it’s fine
One more nail and one more shot, so black you start to shine


Now you walk the center line, seen beneath the pale
And the state lines pass you by, much closer to the grail
And your boots they kick the dust underneath your feet
And I’m waiting in the rocks for the moon we set to meet


This song was on my solo CD "Fear of Flashing Light" and features my buddies from my old band The Strangers (Bart Ferguson, Allen Bush, Ned Failing, Henry Smith), who got together (virtually, thanks to the interweb) to help me record this definitive version.