1. Voices


The missionaries were gone - doors left open, lights are on
And the sound of rocks on water filled the air
The night it hung like a shawl - heartbeat slowing to a crawl
As they gazed in wonder - soundless thunder and all
To stand in wait for the sound of the boatman's call

The day began just the same as the one before, was not so strange
Then the word spread 'round by word of mouth and flame
And they started falling in pairs - the rest stood 'round unaware
But the world was changing, rearranging for sure
'Round the fires stared the eyes of the pure

And the night made a sound like a hundred million voices screaming out
And a world of holy wrongs were set upright

And riding out of the haze - backlit white light through the maze
Came the horses drawing platforms loaded with flame
And blazing into the sky, celebration with some hell fire
As the chosen few separate from the pack
Bade farewell, moving forward not back

And the light that followed was great, and those that fear the coming change
Have to step aside and make a way for the now
New tracks to lay, ah, new fields to plow