1. Echo Time

From the recording What You Hold Near


Sit you down, sit you down, sit you down
Don’t be paranoid
Look around, up and down
Don’t you think that we had a choice?
Every day bit by bit all that I knew was taken away
…every day
So settle down sit you down
Watch things swing the other way

Not alone, not alone
It’s the curse of technology
Everyone’s just the same
Every one of them just like me
So we let our guard down
Soon enough it’s all echo time
I believe what I want to believe
Is that such a crime?

Heading out to the country
Where I know that I’ll be good
Disconnected but for all my family
And all that’s good
While the oceans are filling with glitter
Well, I’ll be fine
I can throw any blame any way
Except if it’s mine