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Paul Lesinski – vocals, guitars, keyboards
David Kendall – drums, vocals
Mike Budd – bass

Music by Paul Lesinski (BMI)
Lyrics copyright 2015 by Paul Lesinski


Walls made out of pavement
With a 40 dollar view
When you drive for 16 hours
You know just what to do
Focus like a laser
Purpose like a priest
Aiming for perfection
Just a little for the least
A little beauty for the beast
The road breathes like a dragon
Screaming through the heat
Giant dogs with wings and claws
They circle for the meat
But with every mile in the rearview mirror
You breathe a little more
But the memory isn't fading
Of what you left behind the door
A little rock a little pour

Can you see me?
Staring from the blinds?
Watching you for signals
Waiting for a sign
Holding out in darkness
Clutching to my gun
Summertime in desertland
And the prince is on the run

It's a long night in the desert
Under black and star
I left my gun in the burning sun
Back there in the car
But things aren't right in the morning light
Something's coming thru the dust
Lift my head to see me dead
To satisfy the lust
Out here you just do what you must