I’m excited to share the first single from my next album! The song, called “Show Me,” is available now wherever you stream or download music and I encourage you to check out the lyric video, embedded below.

The song was written by me and my musical partner, drummer David Kendall. Dave, a drummer who mucks about on guitar now and then, came up with all of the music on guitar and I did the lyrics and melody. Dave’s chords are super unorthodox (same thing happened with our song Silver from the Hearts and Reason album) so the sound is really unique (I had to write down how to play these chords because they are not anything I’d be able to figure out later). The riff is also his, and the whole outro was his idea. He called me and literally sang parts to me on the phone, which I recorded and sent to him over Dropbox. So this one was a real collaboration. Thanks, Dave! Mike Budd plays the bass and as always adds a unique, slinky element. Thanks, Mike!

My pal Henry Smith from my old band The Strangers said the riff is “like a murky chainsaw right to the chest.” I might have to use that in the press kit, ha ha!

The album is going to be called “Across the Light” and will be released in spring, probably in May. We are still wrapping up one last tune and then we want to make sure we launch the thing right. This is shaping up to be something I will be very very proud of. Until then, enjoy “Show Me,” and let me know what you think!