New Album Coming Early Next Year!

I hope everyone had a fab summer and as fall 2023 becomes official (yesterday!), it’s time for a quick update. There was good momentum over the summer on the new album – my fourth full-length release since 2010. It’s looking positive for a February 2024 release, as half the album is mixed and mastered, the artwork is done and all the other various bits and pieces that come into play – sequencing, duplication, promo, events, advance reviews, etc etc – are starting to take shape too. I will start to post updates and sneak peeks as things come together but remember I post more frequently to my social media handles on at Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Follow there for the most recent and real-time stuff! I have also been doing a little housekeeping on this site and added some more recent photos from Floydian Slips shows last year. Head to the photos page for more! Thanks as always for everyone’s support and I am stoked for the next few months and beyond as this new album is shaping up to be a real killer.

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