Announcing the Release of Across the Light!

I am excited to announce the immediate availability of my fourth full-length album, Across the Light. 

Recorded with my long-time musical partners David Kendall (drums, vocals) and Mike Budd (bass), Across the Light is probably my most “progressive” album, with two eight-plus-minute epics (Your Last Song, and the title track, Across the Light), an upbeat guitar-based instrumental and songs boasting several ethereal, extended musical passages. But this is offset by more “accessible” tracks Show Me and Right Day, and the lush acoustic based Be Better Be Bold and October Wind.

Lyrically, I think this one is direct and visceral, exploring themes of self-reflection, societal challenges, personal struggles, and the desire for change. The lyrics also touch upon themes of love, forgiveness, and the passage of time evoking a sense of emotional depth and a call to embrace one’s true self and seize the moment. Boom! 

Recorded at Dave’s DJK Studios in Vancouver and my Portland home studio between 2020 and 2023, Dave and I co-produced and mixed Across the Light. Steve Turnidge at Ars Divina/UltraViolet Studios tackled the mastering and sequencing, while Grace Jensen created the album artwork based on my concept of a silhouette precariously walking across a tightrope of light. Portland keyboardist Asher Fulero cranked out the synth solo on the title track and Hailey Kendall-Bray contributed backing vocals to album closer Right Day. 

The album is designed to be listened to in one sitting (or run, or drive) if possible. I took great care on the song selection, order and flow to hopefully create a 45-minute journey. Of course you can “drop the needle” anywhere you like and I am sure you’ll enjoy it just as much, so whatever floats your boat, go for it! 

Finally, if you are local to the Portland area on Sunday May 19, Dave, Mike and I will be playing a stripped-down acoustic/electric show from 3-5 p.m. at a fantastic guitar shop and bar (!) called Strum, located at 1415 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97214. Tickets will be $10 at the door and the show is open to all ages. 

Thanks again for your support! I am eager to hear what you think of Across the Light. You can find the album on the “Music” page of this site, or at, also streaming at the usual places like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 

Let me know what you think!

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