Floydian Week Post-Mort

The last 10 days have been amazing. First, my Pink Floyd tribute band The Floydian Slips rocked in the New Year in style, playing our usual Eugene, Oregon haunt, The McDonald Theater to more than 1,000 Floyd fans. The band played well and the lights and stage look was off the hook due to the hard work of our bass player Brendan Relaford and Jason Way who is an amazing video and stage designer (and executer).

Then we brought the show to Portland for the first time since the late Oughts, and rocked two nights at the Aladdin Theater to capacity attendance. The lights and sound were way more off the hook than I had anticipated, and the band rose to it, playing all of the Animals album on Friday and Dark Side of the Moon on Saturday.

The band is made up of seasoned local musicians, many of whom play music for a living. It's always a treat to get together as we only play a couple of times a year. After playing in this project for almost 17 years, we are also a bit critical of what a 'perfect' show is, but we all felt that Saturday was pretty much one of the best shows we've done. So, there's that!

Now that I bid the Floyd band goodbye for a while, I can put focus on the CD release in Portland in January, Seattle in February and Eugene in March. But in the meantime, here are a few good shots from the weekend. Photos are by Jason Way and the lights were done by Lights Up Loud, a local amazing company.

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