Next CD Tune - Reason

Pretty happy with how this one turned out. It's a song I've had around for probably 20 years. Played it on the road with The Strangers in the early 90s, again in Isor Wallobee in the mid 90s (it even shows up on the CD we did, available on iTunes!) and brought it back a few years ago with the new band. I liked the energy of the new version so much I decided to record it again. Really captured the live feel in the studio, which is not easy, and I think the center section is super fun. I even used a theremin there!

Lyrically it's always been relevant. People spend years waiting for things to happen or for life to start and in the meantime, it's passing right by! It was inspired by a conversation I had with a guy in Seattle who came to a Strangers show and was so excited that I was doing music for a living. He seemed to be in a bit of a career rut. Of course I went through that too, just later on. The song is a bit of a rallying cry to help us all get over it and start living.

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