Next Song from New CD - Summertime in Desertland

Here is track 2 from the upcoming CD. Called "Summertime in Desertland" it is heavily inspired by the show Breaking Bad. I was binge watching and woke up the next morning with the imagery in my head. The lyrics came out of nowhere in that weird waking state, and I sat down and put music to it right away. The song came quickly and developed into a pretty good jam live when the band started to play it live.

For the recording, it was challenging to capture the energy of the live performances in a studio setting but I think we did it. It was especially fun to play the keyboard part, which I ended up liking so much I turned the guitars down and let the keyboards take a larger role. It made the song feel more like an old Doors tune or something.

The guitar solo section is one of my favorites I have ever recorded.

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