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Acoustic version of Rush Song "The Garden" 

I played a virtual acoustic gig recently with Northwest Talent Spotlight (see the whole thing here). I told the story of how the 2020 pandemic shite show really started for me when Neil Peart passed away that January. So it was fitting to learn and perform what turned out to be the last song on the last album for Rush. Called 'The Garden,' it fittingly addresses life and gained experience, and what is really important. See what you think:

See ya 2020! 

To say “It was quite a year” understates the uniqueness of 2020 and also short-changes both the highs and lows. For many, there were countless physical, emotional and economic hardships. Indeed, so many of our lives changed, forever. Losses have been incurred that we won’t get back.  

Focusing on the positive, and what I am thankful for, it’s my immediate family’s health and general happiness. We grew closer this year because, well, we had to. We were together a lot, and sorted out how to make it work, and how to even make it fun. I’m not wishing another 2020 on anyone but that was a nice by-product. 

On the music front, a high was managing to get a CD released. Even though it was written and mostly recorded before January 2020, I felt that it was timely and relevant to 2020’s political and societal landscape. So I am glad I got it out. This gave me an excuse to safely get the band back together and play some virtual venues that did not exist last year, namely the PDX Couch Tour and Northwest Talent Spotlight, run by Brian J. Straus and Bobby Palotta, respectively. These shows were ‘attended’ by so many who frankly would never be able to see us in person given their location and the fact that I don’t tour, even when there is no pandemic. I also did one acoustic show behind a sheet of plastic at the Dublin Pub before Portland locked everything down again. It almost felt normal. Thanks to JT for that! 

I also met and worked with some great people who started their own media outlets (or leaned into their existing ones), like drummer Kevin Rankin who started up a videocast called All Access Live and interviewed me and my Floydian Slips partner Ned Failing, or Tim and Naomi Bunch, who interviewed me for their fantastic podcast The Audio Brew, or my buddy Eric Gessner who keeps having me on his Now and Then radio show on KMUZ FM

Eric and I did a three-hour tribute on KMUZ to Neil Peart in January (Neil’s dying in January was an early point where this year turned to shit and didn’t turn back), and ran an hour-long special on the new CD this month. Radio was friendly in general and I was proud to be added to the rotations of the Portland Radio Project, Shady Pines Radio, Radio Hot Tub, and NWCZ by old friend and supporter Darryl Fortune. 

So there was some music and some community! And I got to PLAY, virtually and also in person 6+ feet apart with my musical partners Dave Kendall and Mike Budd, without whom…! Thanks guys, as always! 

For 2021, I remain thankful and hopeful. As this year turns to next year, I wish all of you safety, warmth and happiness and hope that whatever your jam is, that you are doing it. See you on the other side!

--Paul Lesinski


Huge Thanks to NW Talent Spotlight 

We had so much fun playing last Thursday at the Northwest Talent Spotlight studios. The band was on, and we had all cylinders firing on the lights, sound and web front as well. Some of our best playing IMO and we caught it all on tape - lightning in a bottle! Thanks to Bobby Palotta and Andy Madson for treating us right. Enjoy the whole show HERE!

Doing Another Live Web Gig This Week! 

We had so much fun doing the PDX Couch Tour show last month that we found another place to try. This is a live three-piece trio gig done with Northwest Talent Spotlight, a crew that is familiar with TV studio production. Showtime is 7 p.m. PT on Thursday October 1. You’ll be able to watch via Facebook or YouTube. We’ll play about an hour and a half. Hope you can join! Links below! 
Facebook Event (Please RSVP!) – https://fb.me/e/4SuxBFQ4D 
Stream from YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycYigVDLgx8 
Stream from Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Northwest-Talent-Spotlight-103473191298312/?ref=page_internal

Live Stream Gig This Thursday! 

I’m excited to officially announce an electric trio gig, which will be live streamed live this Thursday (Sept 3) at 8 p.m. PT. We are doing it in partnership with PDX Couch Tour at the Star Theater in Portland. PDX Couch has strict COVID protocol and has done more than 100 live stream concerts with no issues, which is why we agreed to do the show. Dave, Mike and I are very excited to play live and LOUD again and to debut three of the new songs from the CD. You’ll be able to watch live on FacebookYouTube and there is a Zoom link too, so engaging with the band is possible and encouraged.  

Hope to “see” you there!! 

New Video - Say What You Will 

Posting a new video from the new CD. This song, called Say What You Will, is the most political song I have ever written. It simply asks the question, "are you happy with how you voted in 2016?" The song is, of course, from the new CD called What You Hold Near, which you can find on the music section of this page and iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.

Announcing New CD - What You Hold Near! 

I am pleased to announce the official release of my third full-length CD, a work which I am calling “What You Hold Near.” You can get it right now at my Bandcamp page, and you can purchase or stream it from iTunes/Apple MusicSpotify and Amazon. There are YouTube promotional videos for three of the songs herehere and here

So…let’s face it -- we are living through unsettling times. And even though these songs were written and recorded over the past two years, I think they resonate with what is happening today in the world. I chose to call the album What You Hold Near because at the core of things, we draw strength from our families, friends and those people and things we choose to hold nearest to our hearts. 

In difficult times, music has always powered me through. I hope it is not too presumptuous to suggest that these songs can offer opportunities to escape, reflect or to just rock out to. 

Thanks to my bandmates David Kendall and Mike Budd, who brought these songs to life. Thanks to those who I hold near, especially my beautiful wife and children. May we all emerge on the other side stronger and wiser. 

As always, thank you for your support. Stay safe!

New Song from Forthcoming Album - Forgotten Be Found 

This week I posted the video for the lead song from my next CD. The song, called Forgotten Be Found, was written last year in reaction to things going on in the U.S. (and frankly the rest of the world too). The media echo chamber; the notion of being forgotten and then having a chance to undo that through action; the choices we make every day to lean into what we care about most. The CD embodies all of this and I am excited to unveil it soon. In the meantime, enjoy the below. So far I've been getting good feedback. Thanks!

New EP Announced + April 19 Release Gig! 

I am happy to announce a brand new EP of original material, set for release next Thursday, April 11! The three songs on this release have been in my live sets for the last couple of years, and I felt that they needed their own spotlight, as Mike Budd (bass) and David Kendall (drums) bring them to new heights as usual. I have a boatload of material for the next full length CD, and I decided I didn't want these 'older' songs to sit alongside the new stuff. So here you go -- Old Becomes New! We'll celebrate with a show at the trusty Dublin Pub on Friday April 19. Woot!

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